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tetec thermo-technik Müller GmbH & Co. KG

What we do

For more than 30 years, we have occupied ourselves with solving problems in the atomization of heating oil.

As a result, we can also offer related components such as burner lances with and without integrated control valves with hydraulic or pneumatic actuation of the needle shut-off in a conventional steel or stainless steel construction - as well as atomizer nozzles for compressed air, steam or high pressure atomization.

In addition, volume regulators are included in our program in order to be able to regulate the nozzle output.

Besides oil atomization nozzles, we supply special constructions for independent multi-fuel atomization by means of compressed air or steam.

To complete our nozzle program, we also provide nozzles for the atomization of water or liquid waste materials.

Since we do not undertake any production ourselves, we regard ourselves as the connection between our customers and the manufacturers with some of whom we have successfully collaborated for decades. In this capacity, we follow the development of individual products right up to their series application.
 If you simply describe your problem to us, we will make every effort to find a solution with the help of one of our partners.