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ELEKTROGAS Solenoid Valves & Filters

Elettromeccanica DELTA S.p.A. was established in 1961 as a manufacturer for domestic oil burners. In 1969 DELTA started to produce oil pumps in cooperation with Fuelmaster Mfg Co. (NL) obtaining a large market share over a short period of time. In 1981 DELTA entered the field of gas valves, designing and introducing the Elektrogas brand to the market, a complete range of solenoid safety valves for gas. Today DELTA is one of the leading world wide oil pump and gas solenoid valve manufacturers.

We provide solenoid valves for gas from ELEKTROGAS, approved according to EN 161 for operating with air or gas with regulation of main gas flow rate, slow or rapid opening and rapid closing function, sizes from 3/8" to 4" are available, Klasse A.

All Filters and Solenoid Valves are also available in a special version suitable for use with Biogas or aggressive gases (COG).

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