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Fuel pumps

Elettromeccanica DELTA S.p.A. was established in 1961 as a manufacturer for domestic oil burners. In 1969 DELTA started to produce oil pumps in cooperation with Fuelmaster Mfg Co. (NL) obtaining a large market share over a short period of time. In 1981 DELTA entered the field of gas valves, designing and introducing the Elektrogas brand to the market, a complete range of solenoid safety valves for gas. Today DELTA is one of the leading world wide oil pump and gas solenoid valve manufacturers.

We provide fuel pumps with a capacity range from 20 to 300 l/h, with and without built-on solenoid valve (shut-off valve), for light and heavy fuel oil and Kerosene with O-Ring sealing made from Viton also for green oil.

New: VU Service Pump with easiest selection for rotation.

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