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Electric motors for oil and gas burners

Since 1966 Simel S.p.A. has been designing, manufacturing and supplying AC electric induction motors specifically designed for gas and diesel fuel burners, water and whirlpool pumps, high-pressure cleaners and MEC standard motors.The catalogue of products and the motor design focussed on the customers specific requirements provide a big range of low noise, compact motors. The motors are suitable for flanges and couplings of any type of pump or fan. Professionalism and experience in motor design as well as selection of materials together with a high level of automation and precision in the mechanical forming and the installation of the electrical windings guarantees that the quality of products is comparable with the highest standards in this industrial sector. SIMEL S.p.A. holds a UNI EN ISO 9001 certificate issued by CSQ.

We provide electric motors with a range of output 50 to 7500 Watt, with and without pump drive. Housing made from aluminium die cast, easy mounting by universal flange or mounting plate, available in single and three phase version, with 2 or 4 poles. Joint for oil pump is part of delivery of version with pump drive.

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